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    There is moment when working with charcoal where the soul of the subject surfaces. The flexibility and responsiveness of charcoal allows versatility and subtlety. I love that the oil from the artist hands becomes part of the work 


    Each brush stroke is deliberate and often feels like a dance. Paint allows me to build the form little by little until the painting takes a breath and comes to life. That moment is why I love to use paint as my primary medium

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    About Dominique Dubois

    I am a multi-talented artist born and raised in Paris, France. My artistic roots started as a fashion-designer


    For 20 years my main focus has focused on gestural drawing. Capturing the motion, impulse, essence, and soul of my subjects has always intrigued me.

    My Experience As An Artist

     "As an artist, painting is a celebration of life that is limitless. It is extremely challenging and a complete meaningful experience. My inner growth and self-realization is bound my art

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